Am I thick?!

If you clicked here hoping for a questionnaire I am afraid you are to be disappointed. You see bright and thick are not that easy to test for.

Society has tried to define `bright` and `thick` in terms of academic achievement, the more clever you are the more exams you pass and the better marks you get. This is a convenient way of working in some areas of society but it doesn`t cover them all.

You cannot take an exam in social skills, but without them life is very hard. Look at my spelling and it`s very poor, but I put these pages together so am I `thick`?

Just because you find something hard to learn doesn`t mean the problem is with you, it can also be how you are taught. (Have a look at the other `learning help` items).

Confidence is a key thing in learning I think. Try telling yourself before you set out to study something that you can do this, you can learn it. Repeat it over and over a few times. It might sound a little strange but it will help.

I`ll close this bit with a quote from Star Wars Episode 4. Luke is going to try to use `The Force` to lift his spaceship out of a swamp where he crashed it. "I`ll try" he says. Yoda, his mentor, turns to him and says "Don`t try. Do".

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