Why bother to study maths?

After all you have ambitions to become a football star, rock ledgend or just do something that doesn`t involve maths.

But the world around us is run by maths, because in many ways it is run by money. So, when you become a rock legend how will you know that your tax bill is correct? Or that your accountant isn`t fleecing you?

More down to earth, how will you decide if the job at 6hrs a day normal time and a max of 2 hrs at time and a half paying £4 p/hr is better than the one paying £6p/h for 5hrs work and no overtime?

Maths is about more than just doing calculations though. It`s also a practical method of thinking. It teaches logic.

The thought processes used in working out how to solve a maths problem are the same as those used to solve any problem, and people who can solve problems well make great employees, and also generally answer exam questions well (not just those in maths!).

A reasonable grasp of maths is key to jobs in finance, bussiness, engineering, science and computer proramming. It has even taken a role in art and music. It will also help you avoid being conned because you will be able to take a more logical look at the offer and be able to weigh up the maths more rapidly

Get your head around the logic of maths and I think you will begin to find many of your other subjects improve too.
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