A passion for learning

My name`s Paul and I have a passion for learning. Not just for knowing, but for understanding. Ever since I turned my peddle car over as a toddler to find out why it moved, the fascination has been there. Why does it happen? What does it do? Will it do `this` if I try `that`? It`s got me into a few scrapes but out of plenty too, and it`s a characteristic that has followed me through life. I love learning new stuff. One thing I have found is that learning is so much easier when you understand, rather than just remembering stuff.

You don`t need to be like me to find something useful here, but what you will find is an approach to learning geared to understanding the subject and not just remembering lists and methods. I want you to understand what a fraction really is, not just be able to write them down.

If our approach doesn`t work for you, or you want to look for more help try the links below:

ExamSolutions is a GCSE, AS and A-level Maths revision site with over 1000 free maths video tutorials and worked solutions to past papers.

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