Who`s putting all this stuff on here and why?

I used to be a chemistry lecturer and I wanted to use some of my skills and knowledge to help others learn and perhaps eventually make a living.

University is very different to school, you need to learn and are often expected to spend time doing this yourself. More importantly you need to understand. After all, your employer will give you a job because you can use your knowledge in solving new problems, if they just want lists of facts or solutions to already-solved problems they would buy a text book instead - it`s cheaper!

Another aspect is chemistry itself, it contains a vast array of bits and pieces that all work together. Learning a bit out of context is very hard, but the more you learn, and understand, the easier it becomes. It`s hard work sometimes and often conceptually difficult but with effort and thought the students learn it.

I have tried to use these methods to teach here. Rather than giving a list of methods, I want you to understand how maths and chemistry work. This will make them easier subjects to remember and also apply to new problems.

Please also look at the `About` page for further information about the site author. 

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