How We Learn

The way we learn is of keen interest to many people, not just schools and students, but businesses to. After all, they want their staff to learn new skills quickly and want you to learn that their product is the best before the advert is finished.

A key step forward in this area was VARK (visual, aural, reading and kinesetic).

These are the key ways we learn through our senses. (It`s difficult to learn maths through smell for example but it works for some things!)

The idea is that we can all learn through these modes, but many of us have a bias towards one specific mode. For example we may have a bias towards visual learning. This means we will learn best through diagrams and images, etc. If we then try to learn something through listening, we are not playing to our strengths!

If you have a bias towards one particular method of learning, it is often best to try and convert the material you want to learn into a form that best caters to your learning strengths.

We have tried to cater for all methods of learning in our tutorials here, you can read, listen, look at diagrams and do a quiz, so hopefully you will find something that caters for you.

You can take a VARK test for free
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