How to Remember

The biggest issue is remembering all this stuff!

The human brain doesn`t work like a computer or a library, it`s not just a stack of information. In fact it`s more like the internet. We recall things by association. So if we start with a search for `shoes` we may well, after a few clicks, end up reading about sandles, or insoles, or problems of the feet. So, forming links between bits of information is not just key to remembering them but also in being able to recall them when needed.

For example, many people can recite lyrics for a song, but it`s much harder to recall, say, the third line without going through the first two lines first or perhaps humming the tune. Making these links is key to remembering things. This is always helped by interest. If you`re interested in a subject you can see its impact on your life or on society, you can see the role it plays or could play. Culturing an interest is a great way to boost memory. Another way is to make associations with funny or odd things. We do this automatically anyway. For example, if I asked you to tell me who you saw first as you left the house today you will probably not be able to do a good job. However, if it was someone important, the mayor, a police man, or something odd, someone in a clown outfit or an alien, you will do better. Therefore, linking things to odd situations or images can help memory.

It is because of this we have used lots of images and concepts on this site to try and help you remember things. We have tried to link them to real life events and make them relevent - ie fractions taught through a pizza delivery man. You can have a go at making your learning more memorable in similar ways.

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