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Effective Guide to Study Habits and Time Management
  • how to qualify for extra time in exams
    Qualify for Extra Time in UK Exams Students can feel a lot of stress and worry before tests and exams. There are some people who can’t finish their exams on time for a variety of reasons. For instance, they have trouble learning, physical limits, or mental health issues. This is
  • why tutoring is important
    Why Tutoring is Important Tutoring is valuable because it can help students learn more by giving them one-on-one time. Kids today have a lot of things going on that can slow them down at school, and schools move quickly. Some students may not always get the one-on-one help they need
  • essential teaching skills for teachers
    To help kids learn and grow, you need a certain mix of skills, information, and personality traits. Have you ever pondered what skills are needed for teaching? Or what is an ideal teacher quality? This blog is the perfect place to start. Teaching is both an art and a science.
  • revision timetable
    Create Revision Timetable and Stick to it Excellent study habits include creating and following a revision schedule, especially when getting ready for significant tests like GCSEs or A-levels. Keeping up with your coursework and tracking your progress can all be accomplished with a well-organized revision schedule. Therefore, we’ll look at
  • how to deal with exam stress
    How to Deal with Exam Stress There are many students who get very scared right before tests. People often feel anxious and stressed because they feel like they need to do well in school, meet standards, and make sure their future is bright. Whether you are taking GCSEs, A-levels, or